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Run Punk

Born in stone cold January 1979 in the wild wild west of Berlin, music enthusiast since 1982,

been ‘walking on the moon’ since Michael Jacksons Billie Jean, first concert was NENA ( my dad took me with him ), first tape was Mötley Crüe ( swiped from my dad ), second self-bought concert ticket was Metallica ( the first one was NKOTB ), skated and tagged myself through the 90s, started my first band in 1994, became straight edge in 1996, played the drums in two self-managed, European-wide touring bands since my sweet 17. And last but not least I wasn’t sure if I should follow Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill’ or do it like Van Halen and ‘Run With The Devil’? So in 2013 I decided to ‘Run Free’ like Iron Maiden and became a Run.Punk for my mental health, my body, and my soul.

Wish to become as chill as Rick Rubin one day!

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Words by Pascal Adler | Film & Photography by Michal Rzepecki, Music by Pascal Adler

Zen Running Club

Zen Running Club

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